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Annoyed due to the lack of atmosphere and the closure of the nightclubs, we created for the De Gaulle is back company, a mini nightclub in the basement of their company. Composed of multiple programmed LED bars, fixed on a vaulted stone ceiling, the after-work is raging! Playing with shapes and colors, the LEDs can be controlled via an app and react to the summer hit. 

De Gaulle

Le Paume

Specializing in the post-production of advertising videos, documentaries and clips, the Paume agency ordered a chandelier made from programmed LEDs for their studio in Paris. This piece, which we consider to be a true work of art, is made up of multiple triangles attached to an aluminum frame. The production of this complex project lasted a month and involved very extensive programming work.


Located rue de la Roquette, La Rêverie is a bar/restaurant welcoming you into a world where your dreams come true. For this project, we created tailor-made clouds made of cotton or we placed programmed LED strips to give the impression of a storm. This impressive 50 meter cloud agglomeration spreads throughout the staircase leading to the basement.

Light shapes spaces, composes atmospheres, tells stories. Plastink's ambition is to open up to all types of projects related to light. From the production of LED neon to its programming, from the cutting of material in all shapes and aspects, we make our know-how available to customers wishing to carry out projects representing their desires.

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